About Us

Trinity Waves Studio

Trinity Waves by Music Director Maris Vijay is one of the world class Recording Studios with all the Latest Technology in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Miracle Music was originally established in 2002 as a music production Company by J.S Maris Vijay. He recorded many Local, National, Internationally released albums and have done countless demo tapes in the Christian Devotional and Commercial field inclusive of all kinds of Musical Works and Cinema. And Miracle Music Production Company has established its Recording Theatre in the name of MIRACLE WAVES in 2011. with the latest technology allowing us to record, edit and manipulate audio with higher quality, faster than ever before. Our studio is designed to maximize efficiency and creativity and it's well equipped with the latest technology. We have an engineer in-house to work at our facility. Now we have started a new studio with upgraded hardware and spec's with 5.1 Surround Monitors & Analog Gears with High Tech Interiors, 120 lightning colours, multiple recording rooms and a car park as Trinity Waves in Ashok Nagar

Maris Vijay

Founder & CEO